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As you know, the cannabis world is in a growing movement in the last couple of years. Big firms can´t ignore that anymore, and every year more and more countries are starting to swim in the current of growing the green fairy. After understanding the great revenues showing in countries like Austria, Spain, and Switzerland in Europe, and states that got it legalized in the states, like Colorado, Washington D.C, and Alaska.
The man starts to understand it´s more profitable to invest in the cannabis world rather than fighting it. And every year we´re feeling the progress the world is making to a green future.

Cannabis-themed conferences are more likely to happen in cannabis-developed countries which are deep into the cannabis industry for years now, keep on reading to discover which are the most important cannabis you need to be in this year if you consider yourself someone in this industry.

-2018 is coming-

We don´t recommended missing any of those, see you there !

27-29 April 2018

The Cannatrade is a swiss cannabis fair with a lot of tradition to it, being the oldest one out of many in Europe. Taking place on your calendar every two years and bringing all the big names to Switzerland, such as
two years ago, many described Cannatrade as the most crucial European hemp fair and one where people are making life-changing decisions about the industry of hemp.


16-18 February

Only existing for three years now, and already famous worldwide, after bringing more than 20,000 attendees last year and a lot of diverse exhibitions, this hemp & cannabis fair is definitely gonna be one of the biggest most notable all over the world. An excellent opportunity for both cannabis business and pleasure sections, where anyone can enjoy all kinds of displays: food, clothing, bio-plastics, construction techniques, original tools for consumption for recreational and therapeutic purposes.

9-11 March

The biggest, probably most known cannabis & hemp fair around Europe. Demand is high for a booth in this gigantic fair, where the estimated number of 50,000 visitors are going to flood the streets of Barcelona. We would suggest you to get a room (either Airbnb or hotel) in advance because the city is getting pretty packed with marijuana lovers on these days. Tons of cannabis professionals, a wide range of cannabis exhibitions and conferences are going to take place on this globally known fair, which considered one of the industry pioneers in the whole world.


19-20 March

Ten days after the worldwide known Spannabis, there´s an exciting, curious event coming up, that a lot of cannabis entrepreneurs and medical people around the world will be eying, and we believe that the serious ones will be present. As their slogan says Canna Tech isn´t just an incredible global event experience, it is the future of cannabis. And you know what? We think they got it right.
The location was carefully picked by the organizers, since its known that Israel is regarded as a global leader in medical cannabis research.


The Reefer Vineyard

Weed, like all plants being consumed by human, has the scale of quality, the scale of class where every strain position itself. Like wine, like

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With 2018 actual date still TBA, we´re looking forward to this cannabis congress with a lot of excitement and expectations. As an event taking itself seriously, we suppose that this year, like the previous one, there is going to be a lot of lectures and conferences about popular topics, such as cannabis as a medicine, cannabis and the law, hemp as food and so on.


Actually, 2018 Cannafest is not confirmed yet, but if it will happen, being an internationally only-hemp fair, it´s totally worth a visit for all of you hemp lovers out there.
We expect a great deal of demonstrations showing all kinds of products made out of hemp, such as food, drinks, fibers, clothing, creams & other cosmetic products and even smoking device (just the idea of smoking marijuana with a hemp pipe gives us the chill).



With a date still to be determined, one of our personally favorite cannabis fairs out there, where all is done professionally and in a good vibe. Besides walking and exploring the different exhibitions and booths in the festival, Expogrow also offers its visitors wide range of activities, live shows, outdoor activities and so on. SO much fun.
Honestly? We can´t wait for this one to come!


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