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  • 707_headband

    707 Headband

     27.00 88.00

    This elite cutting was given to us by the Emerald Mountain farm while collaborating with them in Mendocino. An intensive selection was made through backcrosses of the true OG (mid-90’s original OG elite clone) and the outcome was an incredible fusion of size, flavor, and resistance finishing in just 9 weeks.
    Known for its high production value combined with a dominating OG overtone, this new elite hybrid is one for every collection. Rapid vegetative growth supports quick turnovers into flowering. Doubling in size, its long sets of inter-nodal stacking create monster terminal buds pungent with gassy, pine and citrus aromas. Trellis is recommended to support large development. Wearing a “Headband” describes perfectly its powerful cerebral effects, which can be immediately felt behind the eyes and across the forehead as this new elite hybrid lives up to its name. Great to end your day with as well as for pain relief for people with a higher tolerance. This unforgettable champion will not only win over your palate, but also over your grow room expectations. Yield x Flavor x Resistance = HSO

  • hso-707-truthband-by-emerald-mountain

    707 Truthband

     27.00 90.00

    707 Truthband by Emerald Mountain by Humboldt Seed Organization is an elite underground classic presented by Ras-Truth.
    This cannabis seed has a strong aggressive growth, but it is very resistant and offers a high production value. It yields strong branches that allow for the growth of large resinous colas dyed with beautiful purple and red hues.

  • hso-blue-dream-auto

    Blue Dream Auto

     26.00 88.00

    This top producing automatic strain is tall and vigorous, with tight internodes and blue shades of color. Strong floral berry aroma followed by peppery undertones.
    Long side branches create evenly developed production that will be ready in 75 days from seed. She has amazing Blueberry and Haze flavor, and potency is high enough to make this auto a favorite of all of us.

  • hso-lemon-juice-express-auto

    Lemon Juice Express Auto

     18.00 57.00

    Lemon Juice Express by Humboldt Seeds is an auto-flowering 100% feminized strain.
    An autoflowering line that tastes like pine and lemon, this sweet lady will surprise growers because of the speed at which it develops its growth and flowering.
    In 70 days from the day of sowing the seed, she is mature and ready to be harvested, offering the fortunate gardener a beautiful prize of resin covered buds that taste like piney lemon and provide a nice buzz that is more relaxing than most normal strains.
    Type: Autoflowering
    Flowering: 10 weeks
    THC: 12%
    Production: high

  • hso-lemon-kush-headband

    Lemon Kush Headband

     25.00 82.00

    After receiving an elite cut of the 215 Super-bud in 2011, we were intrigued with its unique structure, color, and fragrant aromas and decided to subject it to a breeding regimen. It was first crossed with an elite Headband male, which created a stronger resistance complemented by stronger petrol and citrus overtones. A selection was made and two more backcrosses furthered this fusion, establishing its F3 status. The final cross of an elite True OG male was added to increase taste, ensuring the flavor penetrated all the way through. The result was a stunning display of size, color, smell and, most of all, flavor.
    Sweet citrus undertones enter your palate as gassy sour overtones blend well providing a long-lasting cerebral effect. Finishing in just a short 9-week cycle, the structure needs support, which is best provided by a trellis where the large elongated colas heavy with high resin counts can rest easy during the final stages. An absolute gem, opening up new doors within the realms of flavor as this new creation performs from every angle giving the home grower something to smile about.
    Flavor x Resistance x Yield = HSO

  • Lost_Coast_OG

    Lost Coast OG

     20.00 65.00

    A reknown Emerald area breeder passed HSO this elite clone, which they backcrossed into their Emerald OG to bring out some more gassy flavor and smell. This plant does great in coastal areas, is earlier finishing than your average OG, and the yield is also bigger. It´s one of HSO favorites because it performs so well outdoors.

  • hso_lost_coas_skunk_auto

    Lost Coast Skunk Auto

     23.00 80.00

    The revival of a lost classic. This auto-flowering heavy producer has a great branching structure, abundant flower production, and very dense multicolored green, white and orange buds.
    Its unmistakeable pungency fills the air with a strong skunk and pepper smell. Immense resin production ensures very high potency, and its taste is sweet and super strong.
    Ideal for first timers looking for a productive auto.

  • hso-pineapple-skunk

    Pineapple Skunk

     20.00 71.00

    Pineapple Skunk by Humboldt Seeds is a commercial strain very popular for its big production and high quality. It is a super producer, fast and reliable, and it is also very sweet and tasty.
    The smell is really strong so it is necessary to have filters when grown indoors.
    The sweet taste comes together with a nice high, being a mix of mind and body effect.
    Outdoor harvest: End of September
    Outdoor yield: High
    Flowering period: 8 weeks
    Indoor yield: High
    THC: 15%

  • raspberry-diesel

    Raspberry Diesel

     20.00 70.00

    This Sativa dominant hybrid was the result of our sweet Cherry Afghan x Sour Diesel. Fast and vigorous vegetative growth, its long spacing between the nodal sites make for ample light penetration to second regions of the plant. Little time is needed for the vegetative state, as Raspberry Diesel will more than double during the flowering period.
    Trellising is recommended to maximize production as large rock hard Raspberry shaped buds will appear all the way down the stem. Known for having an incredibly high resin count and finishes in just 63-68 days. The sweet berry essence is supported by hints of anise and gassy notes. Effects are quite functional for daytime use and are great for active use. Raspberry Diesel is a unique and meticulously selected phenotype specifically for any collector’s library.

  • hso-sour-blueberry

    Sour Blueberry

     19.00 60.00

    Sour Blueberry by Humboldt Seeds is a Sativa dominant strain 100% feminized.
    Blueberry is a super popular plant with purple colours and fruity taste, and we have crossed it with a Sour taste indica that also made the cross more productive than the pure line itself.
    Sour Fruit taste and frosty hard nuggets is the best way to describe it, an indica looking cross that makes happy anyone who likes plants just because of the beautiful look it has.
    Physical and relaxing, the effect is most appropriate for seizures and nerve system related problems.
    The cold nights are the key to getting the blue colour everyone likes from this one.
    Type: Sativa dominant
    Outdoor harvest:1st october
    Outdoor yield: High
    Flowering: 8 weeks
    Indoor yield: High
    TCH: 14%