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  • Cali_Limes

    California Limes


    Bomb of gooey resin with unmistakable flavour and aromas.
    Cali Limes is a very fast, rewarding and robust plant.
    It’s vigorous and fast growth, and flowering delivers massive top buds with tight internodes.
    This delicious treat will be ready in just about 55-60 days flowering.

  • Chef_Kush

    Chef Kush

    Our Chef Kush was made for the chefs and food lovers among us.

    The off-the-chart terpene profile is extremely powerful and diverse.
    It is an extremely potent plant that will stink your entire grow space so proper odour control would be recommended in some cases.
    The combination of its potency and wide-spectrum, Rich flavors and aromas
    Cannot be mistaken as you swish the smoke around your mouth.
    it’s insanely strong Skunky-Fruity-Kushy goodness will leave you
    Speechless and very well relaxed while melting your muscles.
    A fast and strong hitter of the highest quality, a one-hit wonder.

  • Chocolate & Berries

    Chocolate N Berries


    Chocolate N Berries has unique blend of aromas and flavors
    That captures all the chocolate and fruity goodness with hints of lemons.
    A truly delicious end product that will make some of the fussiest smokers and growers lick their fingers.
    With a flavor that lingers on your palate and stays, Chocolate N Berries will deliver smooth tasty smoke and will leave you relaxed and satisfied.
    It has a balanced high with the good of both worlds, head high with a pleasant body high.
    The smoke carries deep aromas and flavors of chocolate, spices, Forest fruit, Dried fruit, Blueberries and anise.
    An easy to grow high yielder fast finisher.
    Will finish flowering around the 60-65 days.

  • Lemon_Zest

    Lemon Zest


    Lemon Zest AKA Lemon Butter, Is a stinky, Lemony, Fruity, pungent, Buttery Scented plant.
    This set of genes resulted in a magical combination of delicious zesty goodness, Deep full-bodied flavors of forest fruit, Lemon, Earth, Hashish and butter. This zesty tasty funky pungent line has some amazingly unique set of flavors and aromas.
    This line is a Sativa dominant but will still finish very early around the 55-65 days with a very heavy yield of massive rockhard top buds of a tight calyx.
    This line also has a very powerful yet comfortable up brain high, Very creative, Social and fun up high that will always leave you wanting more of it. Lemon Zest is great for all day and all-purpose.

  • Lime_Tart

    Lime Tart

    Just like the name, The flavors and aromas are lime tart and lemon cheesecake.

    This fine, Royal, High-End line, Will produce beautiful heavy buds coated with smelly resin loaded with terpenes and flavonoids of such complexity.
    It is hard to put your finger on what exactly you smell \ taste other than the Cake \ Citrus notes.
    A truly unique line that expresses the beauty of the cannabis plant in all its glory.
    They will tingle your taste buds every time you take a little whiff around your ladies and swish the smoke in your mouth.
    A mouthwatering delight.
    The 60th-70th days of flowering are usually the highest and richest content of cannabinoids and terpenes making it an ideal harvest window.

  • Nectarine_Lips

    Nectarine Lips


    This rich and intense flavor with a soft and smooth smoke will deliver notes that range from nectarines and peaches to different types of grapes To lemon, Lime, Strawberries and tropical fruit. A very complexed flavor and aroma profile.
    This line grows strong and vigour.
    It is a very strong and tough plant that will do well in most climates and setups and resistant to most disease and pests, Drought or other extreme condition.
    Expect a heavy yield of this beautiful mouthwatering product.
    This amazing cannabis line will finish extremely fast in just 47 days of flowering.
    However, We do like to give her the chop towards the 50th-57th Day.

  • Perfect_Purple

    Perfect Purple


    A very easy and rewarding plant that will provide you with uncompromising quality
    Of purple/pink dense and heavy flowers.
    PP has a clear up brain high like nothing else, a very creative, Social focused effect that will light up your day or night with this irresistible, Pleasant and positive effect.
    Recommended for those who like to toke up early and have things to do.
    The flavors of PP will blow you away.
    Flavors and aromas have a complex combination of Lemon, Orange, Forest fruit, Strawberries and tropical fruit.
    Bursting with the unmistakable taste both on inhale and exhale.
    PP will be ready in the flowering window of 56-63 days of flowering.

  • Pink_Wolf

    Pink Wolf


    We managed to capture our favorite characteristics can create a short flowering, Heavy yielding African line with an insane trippy up high and flavors to die for.
    On the nose and pallate, you will get a tasty blend of tropical fruit, Mint, Berries, Earth and a very smooth and soft smoke.
    An all around easy and fun to grow plant, fast, Heavy and strong.

  • Skush


    A true one-hitter Strong and tasty.
    This plant is easy to grow and gives a very heavy yield very fast.
    Flowering time is 50-57 Days.
    Expect rock hard premium quality nugs glazed with sticky resin.
    The aromas and flavors are Skunky, Kushy, Fruity, Woody, musky with a hint of Wild berries.

  • The_Boss

    The Boss


    With a lineage of Haze, Blueberry and purple lines,
    Boss creates heavy thick buds like a fist with unusual and wide ranged
    Aromas and flavors. A full-bodied and deep fruity flavor that consists of bananas, Mangos, Strawberries and raspberries.
    This line is a great daytime smoke clear high yet very potent.
    It will tickle your brain in the right place and make you want to move.
    The high is a bit like drinking a lot of coffee, very strong yet clear and focused, Great when you want to get things done. This easy to grow plant will finish pretty fast around 65-70 days of flowering with a beautiful canopy of compact and rockhard nugs.

  • Wolfberry


    Wolfberry is a one of a kind plant with delicious flavor.

    It is a secret blend of old world genetics that delivers a unique blend of flavors and aromas that varies from piney and earthy to dried fruit and black pepper with a hashish afterbite and old world skunk. It is a stretchy, Branchy and lanky plant so make sure to prepare proper support for them.
    It gives a medium-large yield of premium quality compact flowers.