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Moroccan Hash Plant Origin Feminized Seeds

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Moroccan Hash Plant Origin Feminized Seeds is a part of our Seed Preservation Project released to the public. We have dedicated our lives to spreading the love and the love for the plants, teach and transmit knowledge and experience. as many of you probably already know, Many Landraces are extinct and becoming hard to find. 

No doubt that our world has amazing genetics today but we do not want the world to lost the old variaties and therefore we believe it is our duty, each and everyone of us, to be the guardian of these sacred plants and plants in general.

The mission is to save and spread this good old landrace that has been a staple for many hashish farmers in morocco and consumers around the world for everyone to be able to preserve and have these old world genetics available anywhere.

Needless to say. This plant is a serious hash making plant, loved by farmers and hashmakers around the world for it's resistance to harsh conditions and great resin heads production that produces some of the world's finest hashish.