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Premium Terpenes - Banana Tart™

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A pure high-end terpene blend tailored to satisfy the Banana Tart™ line lovers and generally - all banana flavor and aroma lovers! 
Made with pure terpenes, these blends are Kosher & Halal and been rigorously tested and analysed by a respected and known third party lab.  A strain specific blend with an amazing Banana Tart™ profile, This so familiar signature spectrum with the delightful tropical and pastry flavor Banana Tart™ goodness. Tastes like a real homemade fresh out of the oven delicious banana tart with a hint of slighly overipe bananas. Absolutely fantastic. We could not be happier to introduce this epic banana terpene profile to you.
Now available for everyone globally. 100% pure and compliant. All of our terpene blends are food grade, Non GMO, solvent free, made only with natural ingredients. 

We are proud to say, we have some of the cleanest and finest terpenes in the market.