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Perfect Purple™ Regular Cannabis Seeds

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Perfect Purple is one of the tastiest
Fastest, Heaviest and easiest plants you can grow.
A very easy and rewarding plant that will provide you
With uncompromising quality
Of purple/pink dense and heavy flowers.
PP has a clear up brain high like nothing else,
A very creative, Social focused effect that will light up
Your day or night with this irresistible, Pleasant and positive effect.
Recomended for those who like to toke up early
And have things to do.
The flavors of PP will blow you away.
Flavors and aromas have a complex combination
Of Lemon, Orange, Forest fruit, Strawberries and tropical fruit.
Bursting with the unmistakeable taste
Both on inhale and exhale. 
Probably one of the most unique and amazing lines we have ever seen.
PP will be ready in the flowering window of 56-63 days of flowering.