Weed, like all plants being consumed by human, has the scale of quality, the scale of class where every strain position itself.

Like wine, like cheese, like veggies; weed is one of those plants that is also differentiated by region, temperature, climate system, fertilisers and so much more.
I´m happy to introduce you to an interesting personal story of mine, I hope it will inspire you and fill you with good, positive vibes, enjoy!

It has been a scorching hot summer at the Reefer Vineyard

And we have been working hard without a break to get all these plants and plans going.
These days when the babies came before me, a usual thing.
When the heat peaks at noon, We go to have lunch and drink a glass of cold wine or beer. Something that will go along with the joints being passed between us.
At the Vineyard, we treat the whole process as if it was a beautiful, first-class professional winery. 
Pros being pros, we always pay attention to every detail and ever went with the idea in mind that just like wine, everything affects the plant.
The soil, the water, the air, the sun, and creates a unique micro-climate that could produce different flavours and aromas to the fruit of it.
Same plants growing in diverse regions with different soil, different water and other differences will result in different yield characteristics.

Artisan Cannabis, This is what it's all about.

I love premium quality cannabis, And I would like to share the knowledge I’ve learned with time. 
Cannabis has been a part of my life since I can remember. I have to admit; I owe this plant my life. 
It saved me in so many ways. But let’s not get too emotional here, for now.

Let me explain the term “Terroir”. “Terroir” is a French word that describes all the differences of microclimates in regions.
Several key elements affect the flavour of grapes/wines or cannabis/hash and other cannabis products. Climate, Soil, Geo-morphology and other plants growing in the region.
For example, wine made from grapes that grow in a wine region In Canada that was famous for its Ice Wine. Okanagan Valley, also known for its apples, pears, cannabis and many other great fruit and vegetables, all delicious tasting and very rich with flavours.

The dry and cool yet relatively sunny climate, the fertile soil and excellent pure water. All those provided a perfect environment for many crops which resulted in healthy yields with superior flavours and aromas.
I remember tasting some of these wines that the grapes were traditionally grown near a pear plantations by some local vineyard. And it was actually tasting like pears!

The dark knights, waiting for their next prey

So, The more time passed, the more cannabis I grew and tasted, and noticed how it happens.

Even an infestation of pests can cause the plants to produce more of specific terpenes in an attempt 
to keep these pests away or create other terpenes to attract pollinators. 
Terpenes and flavonoids have a crucial role in protecting the plant from pests and \ or attracting pollinating bugs.

One of my favourite ways to enrich the soil and create a unique flavour is by adding fruit bat guano.
The best fruit bat guano comes from tropical zones where the bats have lots of delicious tropical fruit. 
This guano has very high phosphorus and is excellent for the flowering stage and will provide An end product in an unbelievable quality, with flavours and aromas that cannot be compared to anything else.

Worm castings as well are excellent and will definitely help to increase the flavours and aromas as well.
I like to add both of them, Worm castings in the earlier stages and guano mostly at flower stages.
You can make compost \ worm \ guano tea or use guano and worm castings as a top dressing and mix with the topsoil.
These are mainly natural slow release fertilisers which makes them very easy to use and enrich the soil with beneficial bacterias and fungus.
One of the primary missions we set up to do is testing some of the world’s most exquisite cannabis lines and seed brands we love growing and trying new strains all the time so after years of cultivation, breeding and working with seeds, we definitely know which seeds and brands are actually worth working with.
And so we collected the best of the best to create an incredibly diverse and comprehensive shop that has only the best. 
We also had the luck and pleasure knowing some of the best characters and breeders in the field
And we always keep looking and bringing more exciting and rare genetics to deliver you from everywhere we can. 

Humus worm in its natural habitat

Bottom line, The environment has a direct effect on your plants smell and flavour

Which is why I will always recommend using real living natural organic soil, and support sun-grown, sustainable, tasty and smelly cannabis. 
The kind of cannabis that makes you want to lick your fingers or bite the bud. No matter what you want to do with your marijuana, naturally grown cannabis will always have added value to my humble opinion.

It's good to have you here, Welcome to our Premium Seed Club.

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